Where & when

The "Whipman Playlist" will take place on the 26th of May. The venue this year is The Newlands Centre, Romanno Bridge and we have a maximum capacity of approximately 200 [still to be confirmed], so get your tickets soon or run the risk of missing out!


The Newlands Centre
Romanno Bridge
EH46 7BZ



Tickets will be £7 and can be purchased from Rumblin' Tam's on Main Street, from the high school bands or can be reserved on this website. There will also be various popup sales about the village - keep an eye on the Facebook page for details.


The “Whipman Playlist” will comprise of 7 local unsigned bands that will be your friends, peers and possibly even your neighbours!!! There will also be 2 established ”Special Guests” headlining. All bands are now confirmed and will be announced every Friday up to the day


We intend to have a shuttle bus service in operation between West Linton and The Newlands Centre on the day of the event. It will operate between 12.30pm and 9.30pm. This will operate on a donation basis. Please!! Please!! Do make plans to use this service, due to lack of parking at the Centre but more importantly to save our planet. Pick up points to be confirmed.

Important Information

Due to various factors the “Whipman Playlist” will be a non-alcohol event, no alcohol to be sold or consumed on the premises, we will confiscate any found. This day is all about the bands and their music check the Bands page and our Facebook page for all the band info and updates.


We were given a challenge by the Whipman Play Committee to come up with an event that would engage the younger generation in West Linton and it’s surrounding area. The reason being that even though there are some fantastic events throughout the Whipman week, there was a feeling that there was nothing specific happening for the teenage/young adult age group in the area.

I think everyone involved... in the Whipman Play, see Whipman week as a great part of the heritage and history of the village and its surrounding area and that if we don’t start engaging the young folk of the area, we run the risk of the whole thing fizzling out over time as less and less people get involved and take it forward.

So with all this in mind the idea of a music festival came about, an event which is organised specifically for the young folk in the area. We really want to put on a festival for young local bands to show us what they can do, to hammer out some original songs to a crowd of a similar age and background. We also wanted to get a few headliners to showcase the event and to give local bands a chance to rub shoulders with some more established talent. What would be even better would be if these more established bands had some connection to the area or at least the borders. Now, that would be cool!

We hope the bands we have chosen will be what you, the 12-21 year olds out there want to hear, we hope these bands and musicians are your friends, peers, or even your neighbours. We really want you to come along and shout, sing, and do your thing! Also in order for us to make sure that you lot, the youth of the area are prioritised for this event the ticket launch will be based in the village at a venue TBC and it will prioritise 12-21 year olds [or thereabouts we are not that cruel to 11-and 22 year olds] and it will be post code reliant so if you are between 12 and 21 and live in the parish of West Linton then get excited but be warned capacity is 200…ish.

By the way, if we don’t sell all the tickets on the launch day then the tickets will be opened up to a wider audience at a later date, we want to fill the place after all.

An important message has to be put out there to you all, this music festival is going to be all about the bands and the music and although there will be grub and beverages there is no bar and therefore no alcohol at this event. Some of you may groan awwwgghh!! But it’s just the way it has to be, but trust me this event is not going to be a disappointment for any of you, the bands and musicians we have coming to play for you are awesome in their own right and the special guests well... I can’t tell you yet! If you have any doubts check out our website, Facebook page and twitter account, the bands are going to be announced every Friday and you will see just how good this day is going to be.

This year the Whipman Playlist going to be hosted by The Newlands Centre and we are hiring both of their halls to accommodate you all. It is happening on Sunday the 26th of May 2013 which is the same day as the Junior Ride-out and all participants of the ride-out will be given first dibs on tickets and we also hope the Prize winners will be announced during the festival. It is vital that we tie this whole event back to the Whipman Play and the Common Ridings that it was all born from.

You will also be glad to hear that we are hoping to organise a shuttle bus service between West Linton and Newlands that will run most of the day, it will be cheap to use and we want as many of you to use it as possible, it’s a greener way of getting you all there and there isn’t much parking, also we don’t really want to annoy all the parents in the area having to taxi you all there and back. Please keep an eye out for updates for this service as we really want it to be used!

So there you are the “Whipman Playlist” and we hope, if we can make it work this year then we can make it a firm, established, long standing Whipman event for years to come. Somewhere for young up and coming bands from the area to ply their wares and be an event where you can all have a lot of fun...

Thanks, kind regards and spread the word!