Academy Strangers

Academy Strangers are a fresh faced band who are new to the Scottish scene. Bringing a totally new sound to Scottish music, they promise to deliver a huge, energetic live experience with catchy melodies and infectious guitar riffs.

Their excellent debut EP is available to buy on iTunes via the link below.

Also check out the music video for their song, "The Beast Inside" on their YouTube channel.

Georgia Gordon

‘She has similar characteristics to Irn Bru: she’s no’ fizzy, she’s no’ orange, but she IS phenomenal!’ – our favourite quote likening 18 year old singer-songwriter Georgia Gordon to Scotland’s ‘other’ national drink.

Growing up in the gently rolling hills outside Peebles in the Scottish Borders she has been writing songs and playing guitar since 12 but had to be strongly persuaded by more experienced musicians to actually get on a stage at 15.

Her songs have been described as poignant, honest with a touch of world weariness to them and her voice as unique, strong, confident with a touch of vulnerability that makes you believe what she’s singing.

Would You Kindly

An accomplished three piece band based in and around the Peebles area check out the links to see what we are all about, you will not be disappointed.


Stacks: a Borders band that started life as a means to get Calum White’s solo work recorded in the style of the Gaslight Anthem and Arcade Fire and evolved into a two piece band with Calum on guitar and vocals and David Scobie on drums. They recorded 8 demos in the summer of 2012 finding influence from The Gaslight Anthem, Frightened Rabbit, We Are Augustines and Bon Iver and they’ll be playing their first gig at the Whipman Playlist.

Lieutenant Tango

These guys will definitely get you movin’ and groovin’!!!

Formed in late September 2012, "Lieutenant Tango" have been gigging since the off, having already played in various Edinburgh and Glasgow venues, as well as being played on Glasgow and Aberdeen university radio shows. With thumping Caribbean rhythms, spicy harmonies, and the ultimate in seductive instruments, the saxophone, their dancy, uplifting music is bound to win your heart.

They are currently in the final stages of recording 6 of their tracks to be released over the next few months in sets of 2, with artwork for each pair and possibly a music video for each one as well.

Kid Canaveral

Firmly wedded to the DIY, vinyl-centric ethos of indie, yet staunch believers in accessible, shiny, definitively hi-fi music with chorus melodies that go off like fireworks, theirs is music to at once covet and share: swooning, heart-swelling tunes that sound like they could just as appropriately soundtrack thousands of fans leaping about en masse in a festival field as they might two carefree indie kids sloshing cans of Red Stripe around an empty empty dance floor down the student disco.

Invoking the jangle and thrum of Murmur period REM and the splintered melodiousness of 100 Broken Windows era Idlewild – with added soaring Kirsty MacColl vocal melodies and searing Built to Spill guitar solos – NOW THAT YOU ARE A DANCER sees Kid Canaveral take a confident, matured stride forward towards a bright future, with an album that finds poignancy in unexpected places.

Becky and the Lunar Orchestra

The Lunar Sessions started out as a crazy plan for Becky and David to play a gig every night for a whole month - 28 consecutive days. What was originally just a personal project has now turned into a fully fledged musical act, and their soulful jazz-pop is about to take the UK by storm.

Check out their Facebook page for more information on their upcoming gigs and sounds...

The Beard of Zu

The Beard of Zu; an independent trio based in Peebles, which combines progressive metal riffs alongside technical acoustic sounds.

The unique genre, influenced by rock, metal and hip-hop leaves no barriers to their politically motivated, innovative style.